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Our recommendations of the places we want to know and experiences that we want to live around the world. Museums, restaurants, cafes, cultural centers. tours and more.
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About us

Who we are

We are two friends who like to travel, visit new places and live experiences that feed our vision of the world.

Our idea

Create content with information, dreams and reviews of our bucket list of places we want to know and activities we want to do around the world.

Our dream

We want to complete little by little our bucket list and share our experiences with people who have the soul of travelers, so they can be inspired and fulfill their dream of traveling the world.

What do we do

We are create and feed our bucket list (we started with Colombia), then, about those places and activities that are authentic and fun for us, we write articles based on our experiences, research and collaborations of other travelers,

We are not a Travel Agency

Look and Trip is not a Travel Agency, we don't sell flights, hotel booking or any other tourist product. We have links and tools that redirect you to another website to book or buy a product or service.

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