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Armenia Miracle City. Armenia, Quindío

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Armenia Miracle City, capital and central axis of  the deparment of Quindío.

Armenia is the capital of the department of Quindío, also known as “Miracle City” because of its fast urban growth when founded as a municipality, it is part of the coffee region, so its coffee culture is distinguished. It is a small city of friendly people, it is characterized by the contact with the nature and being the central axis of the department.

What to see and do in Armenia

Our top 5, the most outstanding of Armenia

Parque de la Vida

The contact with nature in the city. It is a park to enjoy nature,  prairies, trails, lake, waterfalls, guadua bridges and some animals. It has a skateboard, an acoustic shell, modules for events, park for children and parking with fee. The entrance has a price (COP $ 1,500 per person in 2016) and the visiting hours are: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm; Weekends and holidays from 8am to 7pm. Is ideal to have picnics, play with cards and walk. It is recommended to visit the park in December since they usually install decorations of Christmas lights in almost all the enclosure.

Museo del Oro Quimbaya

It is the only museum of Gold in the Coffee Region (Eje Cafetero). Here are The Museum exhibits pieces of gold and ceramics from the Quimbayas, historical material of the Middle Cauca, figures of fine arts and painting, that tell us the culture, life and the way they saw the world through this artistics interpretantions. In its facilities there is a children’s library, cafeteria and outdoor gardens to enjoy during the visit. The entrance is free and the opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Plaza de Bolívar

The main square of Armenia, it was the first one built by the colonist as meeting and market place. You can admire the Cathedral La Inmaculada Concepción in service since 1972, with a modern design that represents the Israelites stores; the Monumento al Esfuerzo that symbolises the work, strength and cordiality of cuyabros (demonym of the people of Armenia); and the sculpture of the Libertador Simón Bolivar. The Government building is in a side of the square, and in its surroundings there are coffees and stores and its connected with the Centro Comercial de Cielos Abiertos, know as the “Carrera 14”. Although it is a busy place, it is recommended to be careful with your belongings and not to walk it at night.

Centro Comercial de Cielos Abiertos

It is the pedestrian part of la carrera 14, it goes from the calle 12 to the calle 22. It’s perfect to shop, with several stores of clothing, shoes, accesories, handcrafts, coffees, restaurants and more. It is located in downtown and the its route connects with the Plaza Bolívar and Parque Sucre.

More to see and do in Armenia


Parque los Fundadores

Monumento La Locomotora

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Enjoy the best events of Armenia

The anniversay party of Armenia is celebrated in October with events like concerts, chapoleras parade, duetos contest, horse rides, activities and shows for children and other cultural activities. The main event in these celebration is the Yipao parade, it shows how the Jeep Willys has served like public transport, as a transport when people move and to transport farm products; this is why the Jeep Willys has become a symbol of the coffee culture in the region.

Our mini gastronomic guide, the things you have to eat in Armenia

The Bandeja paisa is a dish that has left the heritage paisa, is made with beans, ground beef, chorizo, pork rind, egg, tajadas or patacón (it’s fried plantain), rice, avocado and arepa.

The Arepa is one of the most important foods in the gastronomy of the cuyabros, consists of a mass of roasted corn. It is usually eaten at breakfast with cheese and butter and at lunch or meal as an accompaniment.

In any Coffee region town is important to have a cup of coffee, enjoy the nature, the people and friends.

You can find several types of food, besides de typical food, there is fast food, Italian food, Asian food, Spanish food among others. There are not only good restaurants in the city, but also in the countryside, usually these restaurants are of typical food.

Explore the places to eat and drink in Armenia

And if you want to party

The bars are located in the downtown and north zone, some of them are restaurants too. There are few clubs and only outside the city there are clubs with parties that last until early morning.

Explore the bars and clubs in Armenia


The shopping zones in Armenia are concetrated in the downtown of the city and malls. The carrera 14 in the downtown has a pedestrian part with stores, it is call the Mall of the open skies (Centro comercial de los cielos abiertos).

Explore the stores in Armenia

The public transport

 Armenia has an urban bus transport system, they are red buses and they are called TINTO. Most of its routes pass through the downtown. This transport communicates almost all the city. There are other small buses called “busetas” with routes within the city, but with final destination in the towns of the department.

 The taxis work all day, every day of the week. The base rate is diferent in the nights, weekends and holidays. When going to the airport, an additional amount will be charge, however, the taxi to the airport is affordable. It is recommended to request a taxi by phone or using an app, especially at night.

Pico y placa

The pico y placa is a restriction that exists in some cities of the country to restrict the number of vehicles that circulate in specific areas to improve mobility. The restriction is made according to the last number of the vehicle license plate for days. Vehicles that move through these areas on days that have the restriction can be fined.

In Armenia there is pico y placa in the downtown and in the whole city. The schedules in the whole city the are from 7:30 am to 9:30 am; 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The schedule in the downtown area is from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.

The downtown area with the pico y placa is between calle 11 y la 25 y las carreras 14 y 20.

The restrictions for the last car plate number in Armenia are: Monday: 1 and 2, Tuesday: 3 and 4, Wednesday: 5-6, Thursday: 7 and 8, and Friday: 9-0. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays there is no vehicle restriction.

The restrictions for the last motorcycle plate number in Armenia are: Monday: 1 and 2, Tuesday: 3 and 4, Wednesday: 5-6, Thursday: 7 and 8, and Friday: 9-0. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays there is no vehicle restriction.

Things you should know before traveling

Practical informationArriving by airArriving by landWhere to sleep
  • The average temperature is 21°C.
  • The height is 1.551 meters above sea level.
  • Local Time GMT-5.
  • The currency is the Colombian peso, Peso ($) (COP).
  • In some establishments and lodgings they receive US dollars and euros, although it is easier to pay with Colombian pesos.
  • In some establishments and lodges you can pay with credit or debit cards, however it is recommended to always ask if you can pay with cards. Better to have cash.
  • The native language is Spanish, but in some places they can speak you in English, even some tours are in English.
  • The indicative phone number is 6.
  • Armenia’s weather is warm, most of the time you can enjoy the sun and outside activities, however, there are seasons of rain. The rainy periods are from March to May and September to November; The dry periods are from January to Frebruary and June to July.
  • Domestic energy is 110 volts (AC 110V, 60Hz). The electrical connectors and plugs are the ones with two flat input pin or a third round pin.


You can arrive by air flying to Armenia – International Airport El Edén or flying to Pereira – International Airport Matecaña  (because of its proximity)

International Airport El Edén (Armenia, Quindío)

Tebaida town, 15 km (9.5 miles) southwest of the town of Armenia


Airlines at the International Airport El Edén


Spirit Airlines 

ADA (Aerolínea de Antioquia)

Air Panamá

Car rental companies at the International Airport El Edén

Rentacar Los coches del café

Location: International Airport El Edén Local 12 ; Cra 20 # 12-22 Armenia, Quindío

Contact phone number: 316 298 0016 / 316 298 0017 / 316 298 0015 / 311 308 0253


International Airport Matecaña (Pereira, Risaralda)

Km 4 Vía Cerritos


Airlines at the International Airport Matecaña


ADA (Aerolínea de Antioquia)

Copa Airlines


Car rental companies at the International Airport Matecaña

Rent A Car Autoplaza Colombia

Contact phone number: 314 2571

Hertz Colombia Rent a Car

Contact phone number: 314 2678


The department of Quindío limits with 3 other departments: Valle del Cauca, Tolima and Risaralda, so the city of Armenia is connected with its 3 cities: Ibagué, Cali and Pereira. To travel from Ibagué you have to go through the top of the line, it is recommended to be very careful because some parts of the route are narrow, there are curves and heavy traffic. The route and the road from Cali to Armenia is smooth and almost flat, it has parts of double causeway so that the traffic and the time of travel is easy. The cities of Pereira and Armenia are connected by the highway of the coffee, its route in car can last in average one hour, great part of this is double carriageway and it only has one toll.

By public transport you can go to Armenia to the Armenia Transport Terminal.

Armenia Transport Terminal

Calle 35 No 20-68  (Armenia – Quindío)


[email protected]

The most searched hotels in Armenia are the country hotels for vacations. The hotel zone is concentrated in the downtown of the city, in the north zone and in the outskirts in the countryside. You can find hotels, boutique hotels, hostels and rural hotels.

Explore the places to sleep in Armenia

Other places to visit

Salento Quindio

Salento, Quindío

Salento, a town to enjoy the peacefulness of its streets, the kindness of their people, visit the natural parks and live the coffee culture.


Responsible and conscientious tourist

When we travel somewhere, we would like to be able to live the maximum of the experiences that it offers us, that’s why we have to keep in mind that the places and cultures that we visit have a care that must be respected and promoted by ourselves. We do not want to disturb, damage or carry out an action that has a negative impact on our visit, above all, we must work and contribute in the conservation and protection of natural sites and cultural heritage.

Because of this, we invite you to take into account the following points:

  • Before you travel, investigate the regulations that the governmental organizations have about the protection and conservation of the place to visit.
  • Respect and comply with regulations.
  • Respect the nature, flora and fauna of the place you visit. Animals and plants must live in their ecosystem, it’s illegal to take the animals and plants. We must not feed them or manipulate them without authorization from the legal organization in charge.
  • Handle the garbage and wastes properly. We do not leave garbage and waste in natural places, or throw rubbish in the streets.
  • Respect the customs and culture of the local inhabitants.
  • Do no harm the public or private property.
  • Take care of assets considered cultural heritage, do not perform inappropriate actions that may affect them.
  • Optimize the consumption of water and energy to not waste these resources.

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Armenia, Quindío

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