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Medellin, known for its textile tradition, innovation and friendly people. Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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Medellín, city of eternal spring. It is renowned  for fashion, tourism and the warmth of its people.

Medellin, city of eternal spring, is well known for its warm weather during all year. It is the capital of Antioquia Department, recognized and valued by Colombians and foreigners as an entrepreneurial and tourist city. In recent decades, the city has had a major transformation. It is stands out by its economic, cultural and urban development. Therefore, Medellín is headquarters of congresses, fairs, festivals, symposiums and international games.

Fashion, tourism and trade are the fundamentals axes of the economy of the city, because they attract large numbers of people who for different times enjoy the variety cultural that offer Medellín. The hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants, the supply of transport, make the city a dynamic and pleasant destination.

What to see and do in Medellín

Our top 5, the most outstanding of Medellín

Botanical Garden Joaquín Antonio Uribe

It is considered as a living museum where you can appreciate the Orquideorama “José Jerónimo Triana”, variety of plants, artificial lake, tent-nursery, besides documentary collections, auditoriums, cafes, Restaurant In Situ and the Scientific Building. It is located front to Explora Park north of Medellín

Pueblito Paisa

The pueblito Paisa is located in the hill Nutibara to 80 M of height. The construction is the representation of a typical Antioqueño town of the early twentieth century. The colonial buildings that make up the village paisa the church, the mayor’s office, the school, the house of handicrafts and the cural house. Tourists can find typical food restaurants, the city Museum of Medellin and handicraft shops. From the hill you can see panoramic views of the city of Medellin and to reach this traditional place, can be accessed by vehicle on a paved route or through paths and paths suitable for walkers and athletes. On the slopes of the hill are the outdoor theater Carlos Vieco, with capacity for 4,000 spectators, and the Sculptures`s Park, with works by national and foreign artists.

Plaza de Botero

It is located in the downtown of the city. It is an open-air museum park, where the famous sculptures of the Antioqueño artist Fernado Botero are found. The square has 7,500 m2 where 23 sculptures are exhibited.

Edificio Inteligente EPM

It is one of the emblematic buildings of the city, due to its innovative design and automation of its facilities. In this space you can enjoy the architecture of the building, the green areas, the use of public bicycles, the gastronomic offer of its surroundings and explore the services EPM provides at the Water Museum. In December, the building is decorated in festive lights and projecting images on the water. It’s a free show. It is located in front of the Parque de los Pies Descalzos, between San Juan Street and the Regional Avenue.

Parque Explora

Interactive center that combines science and technology. It has 22 thousand square meters of internal area. This innovative place has the largest aquarium in Latin America that houses 25 fishbowls in which more than 400 species and 4000 specimens are exhibited among fish, amphibians, reptiles and arthropods of freshwater and saltwater of Colombia. It has an auditorium for 3D projections, A children’s room and temporary exhibition halls. It is located in the north of Medellín. You can be accessed through the Metro, urban routes and own vehicle. It also has a covered parking for private vehicles.

More to see and do in Medellín

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín

Casa Gardeliana

Arví Park

Explore our bucket list in Medellín

Enjoy the best events of Medellín

During all year, Medellín celebrates many events. However, The Flowers fair is its main festival, which pays homage to Antiochian culture.
Each year, locals and foreigners gather to enjoy the parade of old cars, concerts, boardinghouses, trovas, festival of orchids, sound on wheels, music and the parade of flower carriers, the latter considered the main event of the show in which from the village of Santa Elena arrive the silleteros to the city (Men and women farmers) to adorn the streets of Medellin with silletas, which are decorated with beautiful flowers that they themselves grown.

Our mini gastronomic guide, the things you have to eat in Medellín

The traditional dish in  Medellín is La bandeja Paisa, wich is composed of several ingredients: beans, arepa, banana, rice, avocado, pork, ground beef, sausage among others.

Cazuela de frijoles is another traditional dish of the region. It is a preparation based of beans accompanied by avocado, pork, crushed potato, banana, ground beef, arepa and sausage.

The mazamorra is a snack of corn and milk, which is accompanied with guava sandwich, panela or sugar.

In addition, the typical food, Medellin offers a fairly varied cuisine from local dishes until international, which can be enjoyed in different parts of the city as Laureles, Plaza Mayor, City center, Calle de la Buena Mesa, Lleras Park , the Palmas, the golden Mile and Paseo Provence, the latter located in El Poblado.

Explore the places to eat and drink in Medellín

And if you want to party

Medellin offers fun for everyone,so if you want to share with family and enjoy of crossover music. The recommended places are RioSur, Park Lleras, Las Palmas, Barrio Colombia, La 70 and La 33.

For those seeking alternative party, with electronics rhytms. The recommended places are El Poblado,Stadium, La 33 and downtown.

For Those wishing to enjoy the style of the LGBTI community. The recommended zones are El Poblado, Stadium, La 33 and downtown.

For musicians and salsa music lovers. The recommended places are La 70, downtown city and San Juan.

Rockers find their space in Lleras Park and La 33.

Explore the bars and clubs in Medellín


Medellín is known for its traditional textile industry, which has allowed that every year  celebrated two important events called Colombiatex of the Americas and Colombiamoda, in which local and international designers, buyers and tourists gather to teach and enjoy of the creativity, innovation and trends.

Several of these designs can be purchased at stores and malls in the showcases in Provence and Spring in El Poblado. Others sectors have commercial spaces like El Centro Mundial de la Moda,la Calle 33 y la Carrera 65, los outlet de la Avenida Guayabal y  Calle Colombia.

Explore the stores in Medellín

The public transport

Medellin has a private bus system that serves all areas of the municipality. There are even circulating routes to neighboring municipalities. The Integrated Mass Transit Aburrá Valley called SITVA system integrates some of the private bus routes with public service  subway. With the SITVA the user, buying a single ticket, it can be transported and transfer between bus, subway, metrocable and Metroplús.

It also has the Subway which has seven operational lines in four technology components: subway, cables and bus routes (feeder and integrated) and tram. The system covers the city of Medellin, the municipalities of Envigado, Itagui, Sabaneta, La Estrella, Caldas, Bello, Barbosa, Girardota and Copacabana.

Things you should know before traveling

Practical informationArriving by airArriving by landWhere to sleep
  • The average temperature is 24°C .
  • The height is 1,495 meters above sea level.
  • Hora local GMT-5.
  • The currency is the Colombian peso, Peso ($) (COP).
  • In some establishments and lodgings they receive US dollars and euros, although it is easier to pay with Colombian pesos.
  • In some establishments and lodges you can pay with credit or debit cards, however it is recommended to always ask if you can pay with cards. Better to have cash.
  • The native language is Spanish, but in some places they can speak you in English, even some tours are in English.
  • The indicative phone number is 4.
  • Medellín’s weather is cold and damp, there are dry periods between February to March and June to August and rainy periods between April to May and October to November.
  • Domestic energy is 110 volts (AC 110V, 60Hz). The electrical connectors and plugs are the ones with two flat input pin or a third round pin.

You can arrive by air flying to Medellín – International Airport Enrique Olaya Herrera or flying to Rionegro – International Airport José María Córdova (because of its proximity).

International Airport José María Córdova (Rionegro, Antioquia)

To arrive to the Medellin city from the airport you can be done by way Medellín- Bogotá and Las Palmas.


Airlines at the International Airport José María Córdova


Spirit Airlines 

American Airlines

Copa Airlines

Insel Air



Car rental companies at the International Airport José María Córdova

Executive Renta Car

Location:International Airport José María Córdova Local 11.

Address office Calle 9 # 43A – 31 Office 222, Medellín.

Contact phone number:+57(4) 444 95 46 / (+57)315 292 37 58
[email protected]


International Airport Olaya Herrera (Medellín, Antioquia)

Carrera 65 A # 13 – 157  Guayabal, Medellín.

Airlines at the International Olaya Herrera 

Easy Fly

ADA ( Antioquia Airlines)


Medellín has two transport terminals, one located in the north and one in the south. Buses arrive to both terminals of the different municipalities of Antioquia and diverse places of Colombia.

From North’s Bus Terminal depart the buses toward Bogotá and the Atlantic Coast. From South ‘s Bus Terminal depart the buses that go to Manizales, Pereira, Armenia and Cali.

North's Bus Terminal

Carrera 64 C 78 – 58 (Medellín- Antioquia)


South 's Bus Terminal

Carrera 65 #8b – 91  (Medellín- Antioquia)


Both terminals offer various options such as clothing stores, restaurants, banking services, among others.

The accommodation offer is varied. El Poblado is the recommended zone for his safety , the traveler can also find restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, among others. Laureles area is another option that offers a variety of restaurant, nightclubs and pleasant places .Downtown is another cheaper option and near several tourist  places, but at night you have to take precautions. The Stadium area is a quieter space, but nearby is the 70, a sector which has several restaurants and nightclubs. In conclusion, in Medellin, travelers can to find from budget hotels,  boutique hotels until rent the apartment for your stay.

Explore the places to sleep Medellín

Other places to visit

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Responsible and conscientious tourist

When we travel somewhere, we would like to be able to live the maximum of the experiences that it offers us, that’s why we have to keep in mind that the places and cultures that we visit have a care that must be respected and promoted by ourselves. We do not want to disturb, damage or carry out an action that has a negative impact on our visit, above all, we must work and contribute in the conservation and protection of natural sites and cultural heritage.

Because of this, we invite you to take into account the following points:

  • Before you travel, investigate the regulations that the governmental organizations have about the protection and conservation of the place to visit.
  • Respect and comply with regulations.
  • Respect the nature, flora and fauna of the place you visit. Animals and plants must live in their ecosystem, it’s illegal to take the animals and plants. We must not feed them or manipulate them without authorization from the legal organization in charge.
  • Handle the garbage and wastes properly. We do not leave garbage and waste in natural places, or throw rubbish in the streets.
  • Respect the customs and culture of the local inhabitants.
  • Do no harm the public or private property.
  • Take care of assets considered cultural heritage, do not perform inappropriate actions that may affect them.
  • Optimize the consumption of water and energy to not waste these resources.

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