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Who we are?

We are two friends who have something in common, we like to travel and live new experiences. Our intention is to create a guide of activities and places through our bucket list of places that we want to know around the world or that we’ve already known.

Dann quienes somos


Dannzynh Ruiz

Ingeniera Industrial

When I was a Child I had the opportunity to meet and live in different places in Colombia, experiences that awakened in me the pleasure of being in constant movement. For me, traveling is becoming more human, having the option to see life from different angles, respect, admire and accept differences. I enjoy reading, listening to music, do exercise, sharing life with my family and friends.

What do we do?

Our Bucket List

We make and feed our bucket list creating content with information, dreams and reviews of the places we want to know and activities we want to do around the world.

Articles of places and experiences

About these activities and places that are authentic and fun for us, we write articles based on our experiences, research and collaborations of travelers and give our opinion of why we find it interesting or if we have already visited, we do a review.

Travel Guides

We create Travel guides of some tourist destinations, where we publish general information of a tourist destination.

Our dream

We want to complete little by little our bucket list and share our experiences with people who have the soul of travelers, so they can be inspired and fulfill their dream of traveling the world.

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Let us know if you have a question, a problem, an idea, need help or want to congratulate us.

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Common questions

What benefits do I have if I register in the website

If you register you can rate and write a review about tourism businesses, destinations, blog articles and sales. In your account you can manage a Wish list and add your favorite’s tourism businesses.

Do I have to register to use the website?

No, you can navigate in all the contents, businesses profiles, travel guides, photo galleries, blog and sales, but you can’t do reviews.

How do I recover my password?

Do click in the link “You forgot your password” and enter your username or email, you will get an email with the instructions to recover your password. Remember to check SPAM.

How can I report inappropriate or offensive content?

If you see offensive, inappropriate or abusive content, you can write us to [email protected].

How can I write a review?

You can do a review to a business or sale if you’re registered in our website. You must keep in mind that reviews with offensive and illegal content will be deleted. We are not responsible for the review’s grammar and spellings.

How can I contact with a business you’ve wrote an article about?

We don’t publish contact information about the business places and activities of our bucket list, unless the business has paid to publish and advertising.

Why in some articles of activities and places there is a contact data of the business and in others there is not?

Because we don’t publish advertising information of the business unless they’ve paid us to advertise their services, products or any information.

Look and Trip is responsible for the services and products the businesses offer?

Look and Trip is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of third party information vendors, quality and security of their services and products, or any personal injury, property damage and other damages that the user may have because of the business relationship with a third party vendor.

Can I book through Look and Trip a service of a Tourism Business?

No, Look and trip does not offer tourist services directly, we have a website where we write articles about a tourist activity or place, and the business can pay us an advertising.

Can I buy flights and book hotels in Look and Trip?

We are part of some programs of other companies, on this programs we redirect to their website so you can book a hotel or buy a flight with them.

Is Look and Trip responsible for the hotels’ bookings and flights I buy being redirected to another website?

No, we have not responsibilities on the purchase, payment, fulfillment, guarantee and quality of the products and services you buy on the website that you’ve been redirect from ours.

Must I read and comply the Terms and conditions of the websites I’ve been redirect from Look and Trip?

Yes, our website has links and tools that redirect you to other websites, to consult, buy or book any product and service, so you have to read and comply their Terms and conditions.

From where is collected the information of the articles of the activities and places of the bucket list?

The information is search on the place or business sources, other sources, our experiences and other travelers’ experiences.

¿De dónde proviene la información de las guías turísticas?

La información es recolectada de varias fuentes documentadas, experiencias propias y de otros viajeros.

If I have an observation about the Travel guides, where can I send it?

If you have an observation, recommendation, and correction or have any news about our Travel guides, you can send it to [email protected].

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